Aza Aghito Zambonini Spa


Aza Aghito Zambonini Spa is the Cladding & Curtain wall Contractor for the ongoing Lake Point Towers commercial office development in Banana Island, Ikoyi Lagos.

Aza Aghito Zambonini Spa was established in 2011 from the fusion of two historical companies in the curtain walls and special operas of wall & steel. The company specializes in curtain walls, Roofing, Double skin walls, Coatings, Glass & steel structures etc. Also, in terms of reliability, the company keeps his promises through the use of high quality product, new materials and most of all attention to details. The company’s executed projects are visible in Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Genoa etc. One of the significant project executed by the Company executed in Nigeria is Thomson Road, Residential building, Lagos.