AZA Aghito Zambonini Spa


AZA Aghito Zambonini Spa is the cladding and curtain wall contractor for Lake Point Towers. 

AZA  is a leading Italian Facade Contractor specialized in design, manufacturing and installation of customized architectural envelope for residential, commercial or industrial buildings.
The solid experience gained in more than 100 years since its foundation, it has allowed the group AZA to grow and consolidate itself in Italy and abroad, with successful references worldwide. 

AZA is a professional and skilled organization able to embrace the most demanding challenges to turn any architectural design into reality. 

Project by Project as well as thanks to its constant R&D activity, the Company has accrued its know-how and capability always aiming to offer the best technical solution at a competitive price. A specialised, methodological approach is adopted throughout each Project, from the initial design assist services, to the management of the whole construction process, leveraging the Company’s substantial experience and expertise to guarantee top quality standards.