Air Duct


Air duct ( HVAC Installation and maintenance contractors For Lake Point Towers] was originally established on 14 June 1989 and later established its engineering offices in Durban, South Africa, to carry out the business of air conditioning, heating, ventilation, associated controls and electrics under the umbrella of mechanical services contracting. 

Air duct provide CAD and Drafting facilities as well as a comprehensive range of commissioning equipment which includes duct pressure testing equipment, anemometers, manometers, sound level measuring equipment, 7 day temperature/humidity recorder for both air and water systems. 

The company has become well known to the local Architects and Consulting Engineers and has developed a reputation for good quality, delivery and service. 

Air Duct Installations are proudly on display throughout the African continent. From shopping malls to airports, office blocks and high rise buildings, larger independent chain stores to iconic and government buildings. Air Duct are everywhere in Africa. 

The company currently maintain and service most of her installations all across the African continent and is particularly active in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa.